Fundamental reasons why I don’t agree…

‎”Fundamental reasons I don’t agree with Progressive ideology.

  • It promotes human secularism over faith in God.
  • It portrays truth as whatever you want it to be.
  • It tells you there is no such thing as right or wrong, just choices.
  • It gives a man a fish instead of teaching them to fish.
  • It shows no tolerance for traditional values.
  • It tries to tell you that your rights come from legislators and not your “Creator”.
  • It demonizes success.
  • It thinks Ivy League Professors can run an economy better than a CEO.
  • Its media tells half truths.
  • It skews history into sound-bites instead of telling the whole story.
  • It bankrupts nations.
  • It demonizes the founders of this nation as greedy racist oppressive tyrants.
  • It champions mob mentality thinking over individual thought.”

– Justen Charters

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