We can stand tall if we all stand together.

Resilience and fighting spirit. We talk about these values all the time. But I was humbled to see how they were being lived out in a resident I met during our “Bring-a-Hope” project. 

Some years back, Mr Wong went through a divorce, and shortly after lost his right leg due to a medical condition. Now, he lives alone in a rental flat with his 4-year-old daughter, supported by financial assistance from the CDC.

But he has not given up hope and continues to persevere. He has learnt how to be independent and to walk with a prosthetic limb, Recently, he even found a part-time job to help out in an IT/mobile-phone shop!

He continues to keep his spirits up, and is determined to provide a good future for his daughter, who goes to a childcare centre nearby.

I visited Mr Wong with former DJ Billy Wang (Dongfang Billy), who added further words of encouragement from his own experience fighting cancer/leukemia.

All of us have experienced adversity in our lives. And we will continue to do so. Sometimes the suffering may seem overwhelming. 

But I think of this resident – what he has gone through, and how he continues to live his life. And I am reminded that even in our darkest and most vulnerable moments, we can remain strong and resilient. Especially, when we realise that we are never alone in the struggles we go through.

For there are always people around – our family and friends, our neighbours and community members – who will be there for us, and help us weather every storm. 

We can stand tall if we all stand together.
— with 东方比利 (Billy Wang).


by     Lawrence Wong

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