What is your choice if you are Ling? (The Love Story of Hougang By-Election)

This is the love story of a simple-at-heart girl, Ling. For the past 20 years, life was peaceful for her. Her father is the Chief of Iron Fist sect. One day, her father, seeing that she’s of marriageable age, decided to plan for her. He introduced one of his trusted right-hand disciple, Sheng, to her and told her that Sheng is the perfect man for her as he is caring, reliable and would be able to take good care of her.

Now the Chief of Iron Fist sect has huge ambitions. He wants his sect to be the most powerful sect in the country. He told Ling that if she marries Sheng, it will help him in achieving his goal. At the same time, there is another guy known as Jun trying to win the hand of Ling. She decided to listen to her father and marry Sheng.

9 months into the marriage, something unfortunate happened. There were rumours that Sheng was having an extra-marital affair with another member of the Iron Fist sect. Sheng of course denied vehemently. The Chief of Iron Fist sect was certain his judgement was right and assured Ling that there was absolutely no truth to the rumours. The Chief kept mum despite strong demand for an explanation.

Slowly, news that Sheng was involved with other women surfaced too. Sheng who couldn’t take the heat disappeared overnight without a word of explanation or apology to Ling. The Chief of Iron Fist sect had no choice but to proclaim that he is expelling Sheng from the sect to protect the reputation of the sect.

Ling was devastated by the turn of events. She did not know what to do or who to turn to. Jun who has always been her silent guardian angel stood by her all the way. He gave the emotional support she needed. Whenever she needed advice, help or someone to talk to, Jun was there.

Jun decided to ask for Ling’s hand in marriage but the Chief has another plan in mind. He quickly introduced another disciple – Kang to Ling. He assure Ling that Kang is the right man for her as he is mature and will be suitable for her. Most importantly, he reminded Ling of his goal to be the most important sect in the country and if she marries Kang, it will be most beneficial to the sect.

Ling is torn between the 2 men. Should she choose Jun who stood by her rain or shine, love and cherish her? Or Kang whom she barely understand but can help her father? (

What is your choice if you are Ling? Will you choose happiness over obligation or obligation over happiness?

by MP


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