Want to give really good presents ?

MCYS Singapore

A recent global study found that 84 per cent of about 500 Singaporeans surveyed said they would buy products from a company that actively supported a good cause. Would you do so too?

 Why Are We  Doing This?

We’re a Singapore-based couple (Khing and Sha) fascinated by the amazing work of social enterprises.

What started out as a shameless request list of birthday ‘gifts and makan(eat)’ sent out to all her friends, eventually sent Sha on an adventure into the world of businesses with heart.

Fed up with not being able to find a consolidated site we could visit, if we wanted to spend our money more meaningfully, we decided to set up our own!

So we’re on a hunting trail to discover and showcase as many good quality social enterprises as we can find in Singapore.  They could have manufacturing in other countries (which is great because we know that many provide employment to less fortunate in the other nations), but the end result good and services are available in Singapore somehow!

“What is a social enterprise?” many people ask.
In our view, we differentiate between:
(i) charities;
(ii) profit-driven business; and
(iii) social enterprises.

A charity focuses on the social cause and depends mainly on donations for funds.

A profit-driven business is about maximizing profitability.  While many businesses give back to society, profits are still their main focus. The social cause is not the priority for the profit-driven business.

A social enterprise lies between this spectrum of charity and profit-driven business.  It is an enterprise set up primarily to help the social cause. However, unlike charities, social enterprises do not depend on donations.  Rather they run a legitimate business to bring in the income or provide employment. Also, unlike profit-driven businesses, a social enterprise would not exist without the social cause. There are some profit-driven businesses that like to call themselves social enterprises just because they contribute back to society. However, in our minds, these are not social enterprises if they can carry on the business, without the social cause.

We haven’t tried everything on this site yet.  But as and when we do, we’ll update our findings.  So watch the spaces evolve!

Hope you find this blog helpful.  Do check out the different goods and services.  You could also send us any feedback or information you might acquire from your own visits.  Spread the word around!

And if you know of any amazing businesses that make an impact or ‘give back’, please let us know, so we can check them out and give them some publicity space here.  Thanks!

Please note that we are not directly connected to any of these businesses, so please contact them directly if you have queries pertaining to them.    🙂 


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