Temasek Review and a few sites are whacking Desmond Choo by showing a photo on Facebook, the Truth unveiled.

Temasek Review and a few sites are whacking Desmond Choo by showing the photo on the left.

Obviously, it’s to generate the impression that the PAP candidate for Hougang is refusing a handshake from his WP opponent, Png Eng Huat.

Of course, everybody’s camera battery seemed to die after that because they missed the next shot. 

(Should buy good brand. Don’t use lousy camera.)

Can you tell? It’s by-election time.

by I Cannot Take It 


  • “”The photo you see *above*, taken by TOC photographer Chan Zhijian Jeremy, was reproduced without credit on Occupy Singapore’s Facebook page. This photo was used to create the impression that the PAP’s Mr Desmond Choo was refusing to shake the hand of the WP’s Mr Png Eng Huat. This was done with no reference to a separate photo, which shows Mr Choo shaking Mr Png’s hand. ”
     TOC Statement on Photo Misuse
  • In my chats with Desmond, the impression I’ve got is the cordial and respectful way both WP and our PAP chaps are regarding each other on the ground. But the way the pics are being spun by some…rather unfortunate. Do share…I think the real sense of cordiality and respect is a good thing to see.
    – Tan Chuan-Jin 
  • TR’s sad and hideous demeanour…. all sporeans should condemn such behaviour. The pic on the right and those who were there reject TR’s BS; regardless of our political affiliations.
  • The amazing length that people would go to distort reality!
    Even for Temasek Review, this is a new low. This type of dirty tactic is not doing any good for Mr Png and is tarnishing the image of other decent WP supporters.
  • Many people don’t not know that a good photographer normally will take a few shots . Try harder next time if you want to try to stir shit !
  • ‎… ugly Singaporeans twisting the truth. good that it has been exposed.
  • Reality hurts. Or truth hurts. What was actually there it was there, camera can play the tricks but actual event can not.


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