“It’s an opportunity now to put in a new man, to have a new beginning for Hougang.” DPM Teo says

Source : TODAY

DPM Teo Chee Hean, speaking at a dinnertime walkabout with Hougang by-election candidate Desmond Choo at Hougang Ave 5, said: “The events over the last two days give me pause:

  • It raises issues about honesty and being upfront. I think what Png Eng Huat said yesterday and what he said today contradicts each other … I will wait to see what he has to say tonight, to clarify matters.”

About PAP candidate Desmond Choo, DPM Teo said: “He’s sincere, honest, and want to do his best for the residents here. I hope that they will give Desmond a chance to show why he can do.”

“It’s an opportunity now to put in a new man, to have a new beginning for Hougang.”

Png Eng Huat: A repeat of the Yaw Shin Leong saga?

WP Hougang by-election candidate Png Eng Huat had, in fact, taken himself out of the running as he has a “personal stand” against the NCMP scheme, Mr Png told Channel NewsAsia yesterday. Mr Png told that he had actually taken his name “out of the ballot for the NCMP post because I have a personal stand against the NCMP scheme”.
Less than 24 hours after making this statement, Png Eng Huat came under fire when Zaobao released the leaked WP minutes of meeting for that fateful day when the WP CEC deliberated on the NCMP position.

Not only had Png Eng Huat not taken his name out of the NCMP election, he probably put his name in.

Contrary to what Mr Png had earlier claimed, he did not remove his name from the ballot. In fact, he was one of the 3 contestants for the NCMP position, and he even managed to garner one vote from the CEC. An accidental vote? I think not.

The East Coast GRC team had 5 candidates who were eligible to be elected by the WP CEC for the NCMP position.

1. Gerald Giam (In the running)

2. Eric Tan (In the running)

3. Png Eng Huat (In the running)

4. Mohamed Fazli (Did not run)

5. Glenda Han (Did not run)

It appears that Mr Png got it the wrong way round. Not only did he not take his name out of the ballot. He put his name in for the running of the NCMP seat.

The Zaobao article does not reveal the complete list of WP CEC members who were present, but if we examine the minutes of meeting, at least 2 members were confirmed to be present.

Secretary General – Low Thia Kiang

Chairman – Sylvia Lim.

Were they aware of Png contesting for the NCMP vote?


Were they also aware of Png’s claim that he had taken his name out of the ballot?


Did they do anything to correct the misrepresentation by Png?


This goes directly against the grain of accountability and responsibility that Low Thia Kiang had so proudly trumpeted when he sacked Yaw Shin Leong over a lack of the same.

Is this the First World Parliament that WP is trying to create?

by Alp Tan
Link : Png Eng Huat: A repeat of the Yaw Shin Leong saga?



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