The road paved with lies and deceit – by Alps Tan

We all choose a road in our lives. Robert Frost might have chosen the road less traveled, but it seems that the Worker’s Party has chosen an interesting sort of road – a road paved with lies and deceit.

A recap of the lies WP has told thus far:

1. LIE NO 1.   Png Eng Huat said on Mon night that he had taken his name out of the ballot; and that is why he was not chosen as the NCMP to represent East Coast GRC. Many WP supporters, as did many Singaporeans, took Png’s word for it. Purely on faith vested in the WP and its leadership, they believed that Png was telling the truth. But as it turned out, this was nothing but a lie. Png’s name was on the list of potential candidates to be elected by the WP CEC, and had in fact garnered 1 vote.

2.  LIE NO 2. Now to explain away LIE NO 1, Png reinvents his story, and said that he had no choice because the entire East Coast team had to be in the ballot. But that is another lie. 2 members of the East Coast GRC Team were not on the ballot – Glenda Han and Mohd Fazli. Png did in fact have a choice. He could either run for the NCMP position with Eric Tan and Gerald Giam, or he could choose not to run, together with Glenda and Fazli.

3. LIE NO 3. Png told CNA today that his choice of words were “ambiguous” and  he apologized for the confusion. But his words were not ambiguous. Png said ” I actually took my name out of the ballot for the NCMP post. Because I have a personal stand against the NCMP scheme, so that’s why my name wasn’t in the ballot. ” Png said he took out his name. It is a clear and direct statement. There is no ambiguity. But the truth is that not only did he not take out his name, he actually contested – and lost – the ballot.

4. LIE NO 4. Png also claimed that he had clearly expressed his intention not to run for the NCMP position. He claimed that he had informed the WP CEC as well as his East Coast GRC teammates of his intention not to run. The minutes of meeting do not show any protest by Png or suggestion that he didnt want his name included. These are not slipshod minutes that ‘accidentally’ missed this fact. They painstakingly recorded details of conversations and intentions between Chairman Sylvia Lim, Secretary General Low Thia Kiang and Eric Tan, and not a single mention was made of Png expressing his unwillingness to run.

5. LIE NO 5A lie can be told in a statement. A lie can also be told in silence. When Png committed LIE NO 1, the other WP CEC members who were present at the meeting – Low Thia Kiang and Sylvia Lim – did not step forth to correct the ‘misunderstanding’. Low in particular, was the one who proudly trumpeted WP’s accountability and transparency when he made the announcement to sack Yaw Shin Leong. Instead of being accountable to the people, Low Thia Kiang and Sylvia Lim allowed Png’s lies to perpetuate, hoping against odds that the blind faith WP supporters have in their leadership will carry the day.

Perhaps the greatest tragedy of this incident is that the truth of this matter will be lost and forgotten in the noise of campaigning.

Perhaps Mr Low and Ms Lim are right – that the faith WP supporters have in their leadership will cause them to close their eyes to the warning signs of greater dishonesty to come.

And so, I write this article for posterity, so that if the day should come where WP is swept to power on a lie, those who read this will know that we who saw the signs during By-Election 2012, chose to ignore it.

All roads might lead to Rome, or so the saying goes. But this road WP has chosen for itself certainly doesn’t lead to a First World Parliament.

by Alps Tan 


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