Congratulations to Low Thia Kiang!

Congratulations Mr. Low Thia Kiang – you have indeed fought hard and won a battle in Hougang once again.

That’s the thing about a democracy: not everyone agree with you and some people will not have chosen you as their leader. However, we have got to respect the decision of a majority. This what what Hougang people believe, this is what they stand for and these are the leaders they want to manage their lives.

Many have been harping about the opposition putting pressure on the PAP to perform. Yet, the reverse is also true: PAP pressure has forced the Worker’s Party to respond and improve – we all believe that they will now truly pay attention to the estate of Hougang and not play a blame game. They can also in like faith, raise money, pursue projects and improve the estate – and this time, I am pretty certain they will tap on MND funding (which has always been available to them) to do so.

What bothers me is the direction the political mood in Singapore is heading. Attacks on individual supporters, harassment both on and offline, undue pressure from friends, colleagues and  business partners. Political parties look like they are degenerating into cults, with worshipers blindly paying allegiance and choosing their leaders merely by charisma, emotional persuasion and  to fight for a lofty cause. Feed these sentiments an imaginary enemy: tell them that this enemy is destroying your lives, restricting your freedom, lording over you and very soon, their faces will look so hateful to you.

I think it would be healthy to remind ourselves that an MP, is well, a Member of Parliament. Apart from representing the people and looking after their lives, this is a job that requires them to make laws and policies. We are not voting in celebrities, rock stars and religious leaders (figuratively speaking of course, if such people can prove themselves worthy, why not?)

What about you? What are your thoughts about what a Member of Parliament does in Parliament?

by Five Star & A Moon
Source : Congratulations to Low Thia Kiang!


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