Sincere thanks from a low-income family

MCYS Singapore

It is very encouraging and uplifting for us to read this letter. We applaud our colleagues who have patiently and passionately helped Ms Janice Chia and other families in need. 🙂

Sincere thanks from a low-income family
I wish to thank our Government and North East Community Development Council (CDC) for all the help schemes for low-income families like mine.

My husband is out of the country for the next few years and, having been a stay-at-home mother for three years, it took me a few months to look for a job. Yet, I did not feel pressurised to quickly find one, as the CDC understood our situation and granted us almost S$800 a month in that time for our daily expenses.At KK Women’s and Children’s Hospital, where I seek counselling, I get full subsidy. This helps working mums like me to cope with stress, as I have young children who need attention.

At the National University Hospital, where my son receives therapy, we pay only 20 per cent (less than S$10) for each session. When his therapist said he needed a bicycle to train his motor skills, the CDC was very understanding and bought one for him.

The CDC also approved a childcare subsidy of about S$4,000 over the past six months. I can work in peace, knowing my kids are in full-day childcare.

Having spent almost a year in another country where the low-income are left hungry and most taxes are lost to corruption, I am proud Singapore is trying its best to do the right thing.

From Janice Chia Chor Khoon,
May 30, 2012, Todayonline

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