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A WP apologist claimed not all citizens welcomed by WP.


Building an EXCLUSIVE society, the WP way.

A WP apologist claimed not all citizens welcomed by WP.
By Enigma

Alliance of X and Y against Z = Alliance of bigotry

So many accepted the invitation to join

A netizen comments:
Another worrying trend, rising bigotry sometimes disguised as a ‘Singaporean first’ or local first position. Sounds patriotic but bigotry is bigotry. It is worse when bigots cross national borders to join other bigots to target a common group.

Bigotry is the state of mind of a “bigot,” a person obstinately or intolerantly devoted to his or her own opinions and prejudices, especially one who exhibits intolerance and animosity toward members of a group. Bigotry may be directed towards those of a differing sex or sexual orientation, gender identity, race, ethnicity, nationality, region, language, religious or spiritual belief, political alignment, age, economic status or medical disability. Bigotry is sometimes developed into an ideology or world view.

by Enigma
You Say : 
  • Make a stand against bigotry.
    If you are invited, don’t join. If you are added without your knowledge, pls leave.
  • Omg, the oppies are embracing Bigotry big time… They hate FTs, hate those better off, hate us (politically), in fact they hate every conceivable thing that’s not “them”! What is man doing to mankind?

WP’s hands are tied because it does not have a MP ??


by Enigma

Ah Pek vs Ah Soh

Workers Party sleeping on ‘rat problem’

done by Enigma

WP工人党, 拿铁锤锤锤自己吧!– by 明德


拿铁锤锤锤自己吧!– by 明德 on OMY 10 March, 2012


昨天国会上总理针对后港补选发表声明,指出后港肯定会补选,日期尚未决定。工人党的领袖刘程强和林瑞莲紧接着追问,展现“捍卫后港选民宪法权益”的强势。 …

作为在野党领袖,这也没啥问题。可我很好奇,在国会辩论部长薪金时,工人党“转变立场”,而这两位工人党的头头则犹如“国会蒸发”, 屁都没放一个。


难道,全民关心的议题其实不重要 (大选时才拿来“为民请愿”);而攸关自己党的席次才是重中之重?! 这算哪门的政治领袖呀? 亏我当初还“苯苯”的认同他们那“闪亮”的“第一国会”的口号。原来骨子里“席位第一”才是工人党的王道。


那也罢。 再看看林瑞莲对总理的呛声:后港选民会否因该区议席悬空而未能在国会获得充分代表? 再看看总理的回应:这样的结果正是工人党一手造成的。 我觉得总理的回答干脆有力!

的确,后港没有国会议员造成选民在国会中缺乏代表。但问题是:是谁造成后港议席悬空的呢? 说白了,就是工人党用人不慎,自己开除现任议员,才造成后港“没有MP”的局面


如果现任议员因病故而无法执行议员任务,那是 “Act of God” , 花公款再补选则无可厚非。然而,如果现任议员因自身问题(犯罪犯法或不道德行为),那归咎起来党(无论是执政党还是在野党)还是难究其责的。这种情况底下,凭什么要花大家的钱呢? 纳税人的钱岂可用来替政党赎罪呢?


工人党呀!你自己内斗也罢了,你愿意当奴才的“魏征论”也罢了,你面对危机“封口不语”也罢了,你改变立场当缩头乌龟也罢了,你抄袭国会演讲词也罢了,连自己犯错药花人民大钱你们也一点都不觉得pai-seh  (真不知道刘程强为开除议员时的道歉是啥意思?)。

这样的党,这样的党格,这样的党风,真不知道我那些WP die-hard fans 的好朋友作何感想?!

NSP, Nicole Seah Party or National Solidarity Party ?


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