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Make Your Call…

It’s ironic isn’t it…

A robber is being put to trial.He has a lawyer, then there’s the prosecutor, then there’s the learned judge.Then there’s the verdict.

Every Election a Government is put on trial. There’s the lawyer (supporters), there’s the prosecutor (opposition)…but who is the judge? Then there’s the verdict…the result.

The common factor is whatever the verdict, whether one likes it or otherwise, one has to accept it.

Another  factor is the stigma/trauma of the whole event itself. The robber will carry the weight of a known convict. The victim the trauma of the experienced itself. The Government will know the joy of victory / vindication  if reelected or the painful humiliation in defeat. Whereas the citizens will again place their fate in the hands of the rulers whoever it may be.

In such a scenario it is plainly clear the lopsidedness of the trial that is evolving. For a criminal, justice needs to be served and defended. But for a Government, the trial of election is depending on what is being served to satisfy the voters who are in actuality the prosecutors,lawyers and judge all in one.

This is democracy. Where the rights could go terribly wrong and the wrongs can be deemed as right.

So in making our call, to claim we have a right to this and that, please identify what can go very wrong first. Democracy propagates to social equality, political equality which is ideal for the freedom of choice. But choice is never equal even though it is highly political. Choice is about understanding responsibilities and not response to things that flatters you the most. Choice is about commitment and not committing yourself to false promises. Choice is about being socially correct and not causing social problems by instigating divisiveness, racial hatred and inhuman behavior.

Make your call but listen to who is at the other end.

Above all understand ideas and ideals with clarity. Less we will end up not understanding what we have actually done. Like eating…is it because of hunger, because it’s served for free, because you eat I eat, because it’s time to eat or simply because I liked the food and I can afford it. What went into your mouth will come out somewhere else….for sure. It’s why it went in, maybe we might like to know the reason well.


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