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Met former FM George Yeo

Met former FM George Yeo, this morning for coffee and had an interesting discussion on many international issues. George has an exceptionally great mind.

When I first took on the position of FM, I went on record to say that a person like him comes only once in several generations. My conversation with him today strongly reaffirmed ( to me) that view! He has the ability to look into the future, and predict the trajectory of events, aided by a strong sense/knowledge of history, culture and politics. And he has the ability to think differently from the well travelled road. He also has excellent relationships with so many important people around the world – relationships which Spore needs.

A serious loss to Spore and a tremendous gain for the companies that he is working for.

  K Shanmugam Sc


Comments :

  • its also indicative that one don’t have to have “official office” to be contributing to spore.


  •  It is indeed unfortunate. But I always believe that everything happens for a reason. I believe he has his own destiny and he will continue to achieve with great success in whatever he does in the future.


  • As long as he’s around, I’m sure he’ll find a way to contribute to Singapore. Whether as a politician or in an individual capacity, he’s a loyal Singaporean and his heart belongs here. Unlike the opposition who claim so loudly to be patriotic but who are all out to do us in for their own agendas.
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