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Stamp out “Xenophobia”, Spread Love…

On this very special day – Vesak Day. Let’s all responsible Singaporeans stand together, spread love in our family, in our community and spread love across the country. We want peace. We do not want hates of social divide in Singapore.

by   Johnny Bo

Xenophobia isn’t about politics, it is OUR CONSCIENCE! – by Little Fish

Today I read Choo Zheng Xi’s article, ‘Are People Afraid to Speak Up Against Xenophobia?’ What he said inspired me to write on my blog tonight. Source link is here: Click Here

One of their commentator’s words is truly awakening. Those with conscience will fully understand this below:

“This isn’t about politics people. This is about who we are. And there is no justifying the actions of those who slam the foreigners for all the little mistakes they make. Just with the comments made here, you have people trying to justify their actions, essentially saying “It’s the government’s fault that I’m doing this”.

But no, I do not believe that is right. Blame the government all you wish, hate on them all you want, but do not use it to justify the hateful mindset against foreigners that do not deserve it.”

Now I recalled having read one or two articles from ‘The Talking Rubbish’ website (You know, I know). I have taken a screenshot below for your reference.

A Mr. Jack Russel, (Do he exists? Don’t know) could have asked to speak with Singtel’s Branch Manager on duty to make a complaint that their staffs who are at the counter is unable to communicate with him in English language. He could have made his stand clear to the branch manager that those who are in customer services are required to have English proficiency, both in written & spoken. In Singapore, having proficiency in English language is a must as we have other races who are not able to understand Chinese language at all.

Singtel’s branch manager would then take note of the non-English speaking staffs and write in to Singtel’s HR Dept to refer these PRC staffs for training courses. Their PRC staffs could enroll in English course to learn the language & upgrade themselves to serve customers better. All could be dissolved plain and simple.

Their PRC staffs did nothing wrong to Mr. Jack Russel. They just can’t speak English. One can wonder why Mr. Jack Russel choose to write in to ‘The Talking Rubbish’ and his intention for doing this. As soon the article got posted on the Facebook, I found several ‘xenophobes’ there. Not surprising, ‘The Talking Rubbish’ is well known site for its anti-foreigner sentiments. The source of xenophobia is there. It is affirmative.

Now you may see the screen shot below.

Good night folks,

Little Fish.

Source : Every Cloud Has A Silver Lining (blog) ~ Xenophobia isn’t about politics, it is OUR CONSCIENCE!

Speak Up Against Xenophobia in Singapore

Pro-SGPS   .  Speak Up Against Xenophobia in Singapore

Xenophobia is equivalent to R-A-C-I-S-M if many of you are unaware.

Remember our National Pledge where you sing it everyday in schools when you are kids?

“We, the citizens of Singapore,

pledge ourselves as one united people,

regardless of race, language or religion,

to build a democratic society

based on justice and equality

so as to achieve happiness, prosperity and

progress for our nation.”

In what way has xenophobia contribute to unity, democracy, equality, happiness, prosperity & progress for yourself & your country?

Look at an example below.
Another example below:-

So now you may judge for yourselves who are the ones trying to create a social disharmony & spread xenophobia in Singapore. Wake up!

On other hand, if the opposition supporters firmly believes that the 100,000 new citizens will vote the PAP back into power, it will come true. Your xenophobia acts against new citizens/ PRs or foreigners will really bite you back twice hard. Opposition parties who worked hard to be your voices in parliament will lose all credibility due to your OWN BEHAVIOR.


by My Photo   Little Fish of  Every Cloud Has A Silver Lining

Link :  Speak Up Against Xenophobia in Singapore 

Boycott F&B outlets that hire more than 80% foreigners ? Updates. Hope Gilbert Goh will apologise for misleading everyone

Yahoo! Singapore Newsroom

Hi guys, thank you for sharing your thoughts on this! We’ve reached out to the companies named here and also to the Ministry of Manpower, and we understand that these establishments are compliant with the 50% dependency ratio requirement that is in place, and this in turn will also be cut to 45% in due course. It is possible that the foreign workers Mr Gilbert Goh could have seen previously at these outlets were PRs, who are not counted as foreigners, which could explain his sentiment.

Comments :

  • Yahoo! Singapore Newsroom, you should check first before publicising Gilbert Goh’s untruthful claims about those companies that he had mentioned. Hope Gilbert Goh will apologise for misleading everyone
  • Lol, yahoo sg, shoud u not check these states before u post such untruths? N what makes u think Gilbert”s post is factual? Do u have the stats that PRs consist a huge% of locals employed? As far as I know whenever I m in Macdonald’s it’s mostly singaporeans with Singaporeans accents. Should you not do fact checks before you post n endorse such “news”? Where is your professionalism? PepsiCo, Macdonald”s n the rest of these companies should boycott going business with yahoo n yahoo Singapore.
  • Yahoo Singapore Newsroom, we respect YSN as a reputable corporate, you should not publish information like “boycott action” which …Gilbert Goh initiated. You are deemed to be media acting on behalf of .. Gilbert, social unrest or… economic impact due to the boycott can be really serious, we do not wish Yahoo Singapore to be also associated with it, the consequences would even impact international community. We would like to continue to support Yahoo in our community, but not in such a social panic situation.
  • Yahoo! Singapore Newsroom, still I am glad you have owned up to your mistake and clarified. I hope you will be more careful in future and try not to print unsubstantiated untruths especially from Gilbert Goh again.

Boycott F&B outlets that hire more than 80% foreigners ?

I think Gilbert Goh is probably just trying to ride on the anti foreigners sentiments in Singapore to gain attention and to stoke emotions against the Government.

And you bet, I am sure glad this guy was not voted into Parliament.

Anything & Whatever

Gilbert Goh – former NSP member who contested in Tampines GRC GE11 and founder of, is organising a boycott of all local F&B outlets that hire more than 80% of foreigners.

I am just a layman, no expert in the field of employment or economics, but what a no-brainer call that is.

1) The Dependency Ratio Ceiling (DRC) for foreigner workers in the service sector is currently 50% (DRC for service sector will be reduced to 45% w.e.f July 1 2012)

Gilbert Goh is well aware of the DRC as he mentioned in his blog:

“I know that there are many more  outlets out there with some even hiring 100% foreigners  and one suspects that many of the foreigners  working there are permanent residents as the service sector  can only hire 50% work permit holders in it’s workforce.”

First,  Gilbert Goh ”suspects’ that many businesses beat the DRC by employing PRs.

Even IF Gilbert is right…

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Elitism is an odious mindset, so before you condemn others for being elitist, ask yourself if you are just as guilty

Elitism is an odious mindset that should be actively discouraged for many reasons. We are all equal under God and the value of a person is not his or her wealth, status, intelligence or social position, but their heart and character. However while Singaporeans may proclaim to be anti-elitist, many forget that this shouldn’t just apply to how we treat other Singaporeans but people around the region and world. Too many Singaporeans, from all walks of life, have an elitist, superior attitude towards people from other countries in the region.

Witness the disparaging remarks Singaporeans use to describe “smelly Banglas” or “Pinoy maids” and “dirty PRC” and you’ll see even more despicable elitist attitudes born from a sense of superiority and xenophobia. This is an even more prevalent form of elitism and arrogance that is too often tolerated or even celebrated because it’s targeted at foreigners.

So before you condemn others for being elitist, ask yourself if you are just as guilty of this attitude too but have excused yourself because your elitism is aimed towards foreigners.

by GC

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