Yes, driver fares have indeed increase

Anyone saw the above illustration?

It is a fine example of how social media has been misused to mislead the public. Now, I got curious and very suspicious of the origin of this information, so I checked out the press statement by the National Transport Worker’s Union and this is what I got:

– There have been media reports that while SMRT bus drivers will have a $225 increase in basic salaries (for Singaporeans), they will have to work 5 to 6 days.  And somehow actual salaries after taking into account overtime will actually drop.

– Yes, working arrangement has indeed moved from a 5 day to 6 day week, but at the same time, working hours per day will be reduced, from 8.8 to 7.3 hours.

– With shorter working hours every day under a 6 day week, drivers now accumulate overtime every day, instead of only on the 6th day. With a higher basic wage, the overtime rate per hour will go up, further boosting their pay. Below is a simple example to illustrate.


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